Bug: Overword Instancing Problem

There’s a major gamebreaking issue right now wherein users will be split between the ‘real’ overworld server, and another instanced version of the same where there are very few people, and no ability to see existing party members or other players to team up with.

This problem seems to trigger after use of Time Tears and/or town potions

Relogging only sometimes unites parties, sometimes worsening issues and simply changing places between instances.


Agreed I have had this issue almost every other group I join one party member is stuck in another instance of whatever server we are on and has to relog multiple times to attempt to fix it. Sometimes not even being able to fix it ending up losing the dungeon or having to find another group this is making it rather difficult to make party’s for dungeons please fix. -Sneakyzs

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Only staff and accounts that have been explicitly granted access to Staging and Development can select those options; It’s not possible for any of the regular playerbase to access it.

Yeah, This is a side effect of hub instances filling up with increased user counts. We will most likely introduce a way for players to manually select a hub instance to join, and make the backend try harder to keep parties together to address this.


Thanks Matt, the acknowledgement is all I was after. :+1:

Good luck with handling this one, this looks like a very ‘fun’ problem to wrangle. :upside_down_face:

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