Bug report - critical! : unable to move after chat window closed

steps taken:

  • enter dungeon, open chat window, close window, cannot move no more, class is pinned
  • relogged into game, enter same dungeon, took summon portal from teammate to boss room gate, opened chat window typed in some chat, close chat windows, cannot move no more AGAIN!

Uploading: Desktop Screenshot 2022.06.14 -…


I am terrified to chat in a dungeon because of this! Autumn, do you know if this was happening before the last patch or when it started happening?


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I was invited by some random dudes, this is the first time i had to use chat window. I have no idea how long this bug has existed. Hopefully it is just an isolated instance. I will try more times when i team up with guild mates later.

I shared what happened to me in this other post:

Based on my experience, this was introduced in the last update or even the past last update. Never saw this issue before. You really need to think twice before chatting when entering a Dungeon :sweat_smile:

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I had the same bug as well.

I don’t know since when the big is there, but I am 100% sure this wasn’t there before

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The chat bug is still there, it happens anytime anywhere inside dungeon, not just the spawn point. Now no one dares to open chat window in dungeons, it is especially difficult when play with random players. IMO it is a show stopper bug which needs to be addressed ASAP. Please forward it to the dev team, thanks in advance! @Buck

Hi all. there is already a ticket being worked on to fix this one. Thanks

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Hi Ivan
Thank you very much for the update, I am sure everyone will be so happy with the fix.

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