Bug report for 2022/07/24 by DrSmash


  • Vorpal Edge for the Shadow Blade cannot be refreshed. If the Buff is still going and the skill is recast, the Cooldowns activate, the energy is consumed but the buff is not refreshed. Please make it possible to be refreshed.\
  • Vorpal Edge can also get removed without attacking, at any time. Sometimes, I cast it, and it deactivates without me attacking anything and it’s supposed to last 18.4 sec. Please investigate this.
  • Upon casting a Traps skill after a while you’ve been playing, the camera starts giving kicks to the left or right upon casting a trap.
  • Cannonners Robot Enemies have a way higher range than what is visible. A player can be 1 Cannoneer size away from it, and its tiny little arms still reach and stun-lock to kill instantly. Please reduce the range on those Cannoneers robot enemies.
  • Right-clicking on the same class Gear, as the one currently equipped, in inventory to place at the Decryptor, will Place the gear in the decryptor but also equip the encrypted gear on your time-watch, relacing the first gear you had to the left.
  • Switching time-watches many times seems to slow the loading time of inventory resulting in freezes upon opening the Inventory and closing it as well. A reboot of the application fixes it. Seems to be related to Cache data.
  • Music volume resets to 100 upon booting the application.
  • Large bags tier 4 and the Large Bags with Eyes do not show the slot amount upon pressing Alt near it while it is on the ground (preview).
  • EnergyBall does not shoot at the center of the crosshair. Offset to the left.
  • Avoidance Sub skill tree passives show no number values upon inspecting them in the Skill Tree. It also has no effect on the total stat on the Timeline page.
  • The Stat Bonus SubTree passives do not change the total stat when points are placed into them. They have no effect.
  • In the Insectoid dungeon, if some enemies remained behind on the map, some marked enemies from the boss room will spawn with the remaining mobs, resulting in the party having to backtrack to kill those to complete the boss room.
  • Time warrior Hew, Super Thrust and Into the Fray abilities give 1 point per kill in the Data-mine objective.
  • Data-mine objective needs to be placed as the first objective to avoid lacking enemies on the map for the completion.
  • Swapping weapons results in losing a portion of HP and Energy even if the equipped weapons or shield does not affect the mana or HP.
  • I’m not sure if it is intended or not, but blocking fall damage with a shield while having low hp heals up the HP bar.
  • Favourite item system does not forbid the sale of items with double click or right click, only with drag and drop.
  • The is a missing animation for the blocking with Dual Weapons and Single-handed weapons without a shield.
  • Way too often, people get absolutely nothing from the bosses’ rooms. It’s not normal to get to kill many enemies and get nothing out of it. Please investigate this.

Have a great week!