Bug report: ghost tank bugs?

are these ghost tank bugs by design?

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What what I know they are a visual bug but a very cool one at that GHOUST BUG!!! AHHHHH!! always with the good capture of this stuff keep at it friend thank you for the report hopefully this can reach the devs soon.

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Ghost bugs have entered the game! I saw these as well. Pretty funny, good screen shot.


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IIRC the effect is related to Chronomancer spell effects going derpy. It was linked to devolve, and another ability that turns them into the ‘spectral mobs’

that was caused by chrono’s glacial entombment skill haha

@JornTheRedeemer Hey, were you using that spell around the same time we were initially reporting this on the old EAL Discord? Just checking.

Yeah I was, thought it was related to devolve but it could be entombment as well though.