Bug report: incorrect weapon stats-level system

Quantum Fixer Hammer Tier 1 Level 4 Common has higher stats than Tier 1 Level 5

Weapons Vendroid in Watertown

5 minutes ago

See screenshots, this is an example of many worse instances. Some may think this is not a big deal, but the weapon stats-level system is clearly lack of common sense. It could be easily avoided with more careful design of use case.
fixer hammer lv5
fixer hammer lv4

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I see this a lot too with other items.

It also happens with other items. Uncommon items that are better than others of the same tier and level, but higher rarity.
The game randomly creates objects, their stats, their name… I guess that’s why these things happen.

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Stuff like this is gonna happen! There’s plenty of instances where a lower level weapon can have better stats than a weapon a few levels higher. Now if the stat values were significantly different I would agree, but this is definitely something that could happen!