Bug report: lost a bag of items when dropping out of inventory

I wanted to share multiple items with a friend in game. Instead of dropping them one by one, I dropped the bag which contains all these items at once in front of my friend. He didn’t see it at all. I could see the bag bounced twice on the ground and disappeared. I tried to zoom in and out, logged out and back in to the game, no luck what so ever.

If this a bug please fix it. If the logic forbids bags that contains items to be dropped then put code to stop it happening. Thanks

this is why you never drop items in the open world, ALWAYS enter an dungeon, as items does not despawn or disappear, well or get stuck high up in the air :slight_smile:
Dropping items in open world is a big gamble.

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Yeah seems like the open world has some clipping issues with the terrain whitch can cause items to slip right through the floor when dropped in the open world but like @Turbocharlie said ALAWAYS go into dungeons to drop stuff, The open world should be fixed by open release but for now dungeons are your best bet.

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