Bug report of 2022-08-13 stream!

Here’s the list of bugs noticed in today’s stream! Thanks for commenting below if you have encountered any of those issues before! I wish you all a good time!

  • The mitigation buff from Shrines is forbidding the Vorpal Edge ability’s buff to be given to a character.
    -The rez shrine does not resurrect players often.
  • Equipment Sub Tree can give access to have multiple effects of Example Strenght given by equipment multiple times for the same Skill point investment. It is resulting in reaching over 700 Str on builds.
  • After a while, items on the ground become unlootable. Happened quite often lately (after the Ruby 2nd patch)
  • Items dropped in the Tunnels of ice map get stuck in the ceiling too often. Please make items dropped spawn at waist level to avoid losing things.
  • Character can get stuck in a combo resulting in not being able to run or jump. please investigate this.

I saw @Martys22 experiment this bug too. He could not do anything about it, had to go back to lobby.

Can you check his clip just to confirm we are talking about the same bug :

Nah ca cest un autre bug. Quand tu est pris dans les combo, tu peux voir la barre de combo en bas de lecran. Attaquer resoud le bug. Aucune idee comment resoudre le sien.

No this is another issue. When you are stuck in combo, you can still see the combo bar at the bottom of the screen. I dont know how to fox this one shown in the clip

I got a new one today! Look at this lmao! Twitch