Bug report: team member dead or not?

please compare these 2 screenshots, can you tell me which teammember on which screenshot is dead, and which is not? If no bug don’t fix it, Please test your code before roll out any change. Now you created more bug by rolling out unnecessary changes. Please fix it.


Agreed, this was yet another thing that was changed without the need. The skull icon next to the player was a simple way to know the player was dead. Just like the small X in inventory for items you can not wear was actually better than the large red X because it didn’t block the view of the items. Just like the old potion graphics were fine. Just like the old spell effects were better, etc.

Focus on one thing, test it thoroughly, make sure it is polished and also have PLAYERS test it, because players can find all the bugs that devs who don’t play the game can not. Let that super star team shine. Get players to test the heck out of things before patches go live, it will go a long way. We love you team, let us help you.