Bug report: unable to jump up in icy castle

since last patch we have to rely on shadow blades to jump up this rock in icy castle, is it a logic change that no one is allowed but shadow blades into the upper level of icy castle? Some found workaround by looking upwards, jump and dash upwards, many can never jump up there.

everyone can jump up there, all classes, sometimes its just a pain in the *** to get it working :slight_smile: just keep doubletapping W key while you jump. I found that it helped me alot, to look up the air the same time.


But you are absolutely right, this should have been fixed loooong time ago, for some reason, they managed to screw this place more up, each patch they do, in the beginning of gold, we had perfect stairs there. 1st patch stairs was gone, and there was a small jump.

Next patch even bigger jump, and now its really starting to get annoying :wink:


This is already fixed for next patch. Bucky has sent a screen shot showing it’s fixed in the game-chat discord. Defender of the community, connector of worlds, bridge between code and reality. Bucky is our hero! What a start, keep up the good work Bucky.



absolutely! I was impressed by Bucky’s timely respond with the result we all want. :+1:

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Here you have an example on how to go upstairs in the meanwhile they’re fixing it. Just jump and then press move forward 2 times to dash, like I do in this video.

Well that is good to hear hopefully we will see this soon because this can be a very annoying issue there is another entrance into icy but the main one being blocked sucked glad to gear they took care of it so quick cant wait to see what else is in the new patch!!! Our hero Bucky!!!


I second this motion lol, some days i get it on the first jump and dash and days like today i spend a few minutes trying to jump up on the ledge lol

It’s an annoying flaw in the terrain that needs to be fixed :slight_smile: