Bug report week 28/08/2022

  • You can use Unstoppable Shout to not die when doing High fall damage.
  • Lord of the dead cannot be refreshed. Casting it while it is still going just wastes the energy and the cooldown without refreshing the buff.
  • AoE circles of mana leeches are clipping through the angles of the map. Make it so it follows the relief of the map to have it always visible.
  • Upon killing a Big robot that needs an execution, the camera tilts super hard to the right. please allows this to be turned off in the settings with an option or remove this.
  • The new hotfix stated that you revamped the Chest rewards and the Boss Room “Chests” First, add a Chest in the boss room. At the moment, it is just items popping out of nowhere and it can be misleading to a lot of players that new items dropped since there is nothing to Open and no indicators. Please add a Quest marker and a Chests to open for the items to drop. Second, that chest is often Empty. In 5 runs, 4 of those “Chest” gave me nothing. No gold no items, nothing. This shouldn’t be possible.
  • In the forest biome, some of the Trees in the branches have hitboxes too low.
  • The 2H sword’s first two combos (Light attack + Light attack) are often hitting very low damage. Please investigate the damage scaling on the combos. The 2h weapons need some love :smiley:

Please feel free to talk about this in the comment section! Be kind to each others :slight_smile:

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