Bug: server force disconnect: Broker Failed to

I keep getting force disconnected with the error, “Broker Failed to confirm Join (please login again)”.

I have tried closing the program completely, Logging out of my account, repairing, redownloading, and restarting my computer. It has been about 4 hours now. Please help!

The problem seems to have solved itself…

A few ppl had this error for quite some time, and they wrote support about it, and they were able to help with a fix from inside.

But it solved itself i read, nice to hear :slight_smile:

I am glad the issue resolved its self do you know how long exactly it took for you to be able to re enter the game?

this issue occurred to me last night, I kept trying to login 3 times and it worked. The longest waiting so far from my experience is a few hours

It took about 6 hours

I heard from Bucky in Discord chat this may be fixed. If this extended broker fail issue happens again to anyone, please post it here and how long it took to resolve.