【BUG】The acquired NFT is not displayed in the game

It is displayed in gray as NFT LOOTED, and it seems that I got NFT, but I did not confirm it in the game.
When I checked from my collection on the bigtime homepage, I was able to confirm that I got the NFT of THE ANGRY KNIGHT.
However, after moving this NFT (THE ANGRY KNIGHT) to Items to Sell, I could not confirm this NFT in the game even if I moved it to In-game items.
It’s probably a bug, so I’d like you to fix it.

before making threads read the forums many of these are already reported

so sorry
When I mentioned this to support, I was instructed by support to post it here, so I created a thread.
I didn’t check enough.
I’m sorry.

HI there! the angry knight has been fixed for the next patch. You will be able to see it in-game very soon.

Thank you matt !
I wait the next patch

This is well know, and is being fixed. I have 2 of these titles, same issue. Just patience, they are still on your account.

the hotfix that just went out has the fix for this title FYI