{BUG} Weapon/Equipment Mastery not adding 4%

I am unsure if this was posted before but I could not find a thread for this topic.

I’ve been playing Time Warrior recently and saw that in the Skill Tree some mastery skills were only adding 1% instead of 4% like it states.

The Time Warrior has Great Sword, Strength, and Health Mastery stats that all add 4% for each level, but Strength is only increasing by 1% per level. I did some testing with my character and found that the Health one works as intended.

For my character, I have 124 Strength added from equipment (no stat points were used) and with one level of Strength Mastery, it increases to 125, but it should be (rounded up) 129.

The Great Sword Mastery skill seems to also work similarly with only adding 1% per level.

I have only seen this for the Time Warrior class and do not know of any other classes where this occurs.