Bug when entering portal

Me and 2 others came across this bug where it would load us into the lobby screen saying what number we were in line than boot us from it eventually within a certain amount of time. Than after booting us it froze 3 of our pcs. Having us having to restart them. Any more info is on my stream. Twitch @ Everything_But_Drama

I have had this bug happen as well. In addition, many times in the last several days, when I enter a dungeon I see a flash and nothing else. No next screen showing where I am in line etc. Just a flash and frozen screen. I have to exit the game and reenter which usually puts me back in front of the dungeon portal. As I try to enter again, about a 50% chance it flashes and freezes again, 50% I actually enter the dungeon. I have had to exit game and retry entry up to 5 or 6 times to get in or until the portal closes! Well, you can see I am relentless in trying anyway.