[BUG] Wiped data from 2 players

Me : Maykelera and my friend Arthurzra got kicked from the server and it was just showing the character selection screen, then we tried to select our characters and got apparently wiped … all from account , just NFT’s left

i was lv 30 almost 31, and my friend arthuzra was 36…

I have this exact same issue right now. Can we recover our account? @Matt , this also happened to the other guy on discord and you guys weren’t able to recover his account.

Do we not at least get compensated for this? It’s not our fault that this happened to us in the first place. Do we just feel sorry that this happened to us? Man, least compensate the ones who got their accounts rolled back to 0.

Took us weeks to get decent equipment, now it’s all gone. If you can’t recover our account, at least give us decent equipment.

Your team has been looking into this issue for way too long. Countless of gold pass holders have been rugged big time by the incompetence of the team to fix a simple issue. They lost so much time , money and hope in the teams ability to fix or give any concrete resolution . I alone lost a solid full week, my items , stat points all wipe clean! And till this date, which is coming to 3 weeks , nothing has been done. If this game is not ready , that’s all cool, but you should not market or even release something at the expense of your early investors.

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any updates on this? this happened to me now.

All of you who this happened to, needs to go to www.bigtime.gg at the botton of the page, press contact support.

Make a ticket, describe as much as possible, and the exact time it happened, sometimes they are able to recover your characters, if the data is saved. Worth a try.

I know the pain, as i also lost my lvl 44 pocketwatch middle of gold, and at that time, they were not able to help. But one of my guildies were lucky, that his data was recovered. He didnt get his items back, but a new pocketwatch with same level.

Hope you guys will have some luck getting yours back:

Best of luck.

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As @Turbocharlie said reach out to the Bigtime support team and give them as much information leading up to the character resetting this will ensure the best possibility of retrieving the character data
as well as helps the Big Time team figure out what might cause this issue to occur so every big of information helps . I am so sorry you are dealing with these issues hopefully this will be resolved soon for you all.

Yes. i have do the same thing. Opened a ticket before i start asking around here. Just wanted to see what different set of response that other players might get so i would know what i can respond back.