Bugs and Suggestions from today's stream!

  • Portal Surprise spell isn’t calculated as a Spell. Enemies can dodge or block the spell which is not the case for other chronomancer spells. Please add to the spell the 100% hit accuracy like other spells.
  • Blizzard spell AoE is smaller than the Casting Zone Highlight before casting the spell. Either reduce the since of the Casting Zone to fit the spell AoE or increase the Spell AoE to fit the Casting Zone Highlight.
  • Inventory Scrolling is too low. It takes around 10 Wheel motions to reach the bottom when you have 2x24 bags. Please revamp the inventory system to be able to see all the bag slots in the same view to be able to move items between Bags way more efficiently.
  • Appearing in Void dungeons as a party of 6 makes some players spawn on the platform, some not. Result: The dungeon starts at a scale of lower team composition due to the 3-sec rule on the platform.
  • Item stacked (ex Tree Of Life) are maxed at 20 copies. If another item is looted, it creates a different stack. Suppose a tree of life is used, it will use one of the 20 stacks, creating 2 stacks of items when they could be combined into one. It then needs to be manually restacked every time. Please make it so the Lower stack count is used.
  • Add a way to be able to change the level difficulty of dungeons. Let’s say you want to do Void Portals, you only need to find a void portal and then you can set the difficulty to whatever you want and need. As of now, we are running in the open world more than actually doing dungeons since we need level 57+ dungeons. More than 50% of our time on the game is spent on Running Simulator.

Have a great day!

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Another thing, the Quantum healer turrets (artillery IIRC) need to be nerfed. Atm, they deal as much dmg as a LVL 3 fireblast of a chronomancer but instead of being a 10-sec cooldown like the fireblast, they shoot every 3 sec. it’s completely rediculous