Bugs with dropping items and swapping pocket watches

I viewed the AMA on the new hotfix incoming and it’s impact on pocket watches and availability based on rank. I was attempting to swap bags from different charecters so I could strip my high tier pockets watches from gear so I could hold onto it after the hotfix.

It was buggy as heck in Water Town… I lost several pocket watches and several bags and a ton of items trying to drop them, switch pocket watches, and retrieve them from lower level pocket watches with bags. I think the point of knowing early right?

Im just looking for another full wipe at some point. I’d like to know that we start back even before full launch. Pocket watches and all.

But all that said bravo team. You guys are creating something very special here. And I love you all :kissing_heart:

as far as the dropping of items go, sometimes items will get stuck on walls and roofs if theres anything above you, try to be in an open space or in a portal when dropping alot of items :smiley: