Can character customization will be added to the game?

Hello It’s me again, I like giving some Idea to big time so they can have a better game and make the players have fun to the game. So anyways It would have been better if the game has character customization, almost all games has that because its pretty fun to customize your character and you will look cool, so first of all there would be adding to choose your gender, girl or boy, and change your hair and change the color and other stuffs that can be colored such as eye and skin, also if its possible it will be cool too if you can edit your characters body, like increasing its chest width and making it muscular or what, but I don’t see it having on this game. and also the most thing I really like too is, different race, like you can be an alien and for being an alien you can have bonus stats such as aliens are faster than human race (just ex.)

so yeah thats it thanks!

Also I hope you guys can change the NFT’s/Items Color so it will cool too especially with the outfits/armors