Can we add a feature to view the members in a party before joining it?

Problem you’re trying to solve
[Trying to avoid partying with players you do not want to party with for whatever reason when they are in a party with a person inviting you to the party.]

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
[I get frustrated when people send multiple invites or troll in chat after I leave a party because I joined a party to see who is in the party and if the optimum team requirements are being met and if they aren’t I leave. I should not feel frustrated or let trolls get to me when I’m just trying to enjoy and maximize my gaming experience over a simple feature that could be added]

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience
[This could be improved or fixed by added a members button that allows you to see who is in the party. If you want to be more elaborate you could add options to look for people across servers and add filters for what people are looking for]


I think they can consider adding new server for newbies like 1-20 server before they can join other server. Recently newbie one are having hard time finding party.

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I’m level 29 and still have a hard time finding a party sometimes. When my friends that are within my level range aren’t online I spend a huge chunk of time looking for a decent part or just giving up and soloing dungeons to gain EXP and rank. Some sort of party filter system is definitely needed at some point.


I think all that would be solved with a dungeon finder, but we will have to wait for it to be implemented.
Although knowing the members of the group before entering, I have not seen it in any game.

I don’t have problems finding a group and I’m level 27, you just have to adapt and go to the server with more players, because if you enter a server with few players, it will be difficult to set up a party or join one.

what level people do you play with. You are aware that as soon as you party with someone that is 3 levels above your level you start getting EXP nerf?

this would be helpful, i’ll pass it along, thankyou Awo!

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