Can we adjust the Stats Requirement of Bags?

I notice that the Main Stats of Bags is Strength and Agility
Tier 4 Bag Requirements is 96 Str. and 96 Agi
Tier 5 Bag Requirements is 124 Str. and 124 Agi
This is unfair to Chronomancer and Quantum Fixer that the Main Stats is Int and Wisdom.
I suggest that we got a Bag for Chrono with Main Stats of Int or Quantum Bag with the main Stats of Wisdom. Or we can Just Balance the Stats of Bag because the current Stats is so high for Quantum and Chrono


better yet why have stat requirements at all??? just level cap them. you put in level requirements who cares what the stats are for a bag … it is inventory management

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Yeah thats the better way to do it haha.