Can we get a Big Time News Feed?

Have you guys considered putting a “News” button that lights up when there is new news in the Game Client? That way you can send one way news posts to provide clarity on updates and answers to the burning questions of the community. We do this in our game (most games do it), and it has worked out amazing. It’s a one way communication to ALL players.

Problem with Discord and the Forums is it only reaches a very small % of the community, the efforts are almost a waste of time. Why answer the same question 5,000 times to individuals in Discord? For example when you answer a question in Discord, it reaches a few people who happen to be online and reading it at that time. It’s a lot of work for very little reach/return on time invested.

Don’t get me wrong, keep the Discord and the Forums, they each have their place. Forums are good for players to detail out feedback and bugs in the game. Discord is good to answer quick questions on the fly, but neither are a good for communicating to ALL the players at once.

Patch notes are cool, but that’s just a quick hit list of the additions and not meant to be News. I also notice many things are often missing from the patch notes. For example, why the Warrior WhirlWind spin spell effect was removed, or the fix to the items so they don’t give stats if equipped without the requirements. It feels like the most important issues and questions of the community largely go unanswered.

Sure we may be able to track down mods in the discord and ask them one of the burning questions the community has, but again, that’s reaching individuals, not the entire player base. I think a News feed in the game client would go a long way. Each week, gather the top questions from Discord/Forums and send out a news post that addresses those questions. Now EVERY player has the answers they are looking for, and it takes up the least amount of time and effort on your part. Win Win.



Actually yeah News feed in the Client would reach everyone, even on the website it’s easy for people to miss it. Button for “News” that shows an icon when there is new news or the date of the last News Post would do it. 100% reach.


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Including a section for news and updates of the game in the launcher app would be so cool!

You can miss news and updates from Discord, but not from the game launcher since you always need open it in order to play :slight_smile:


Love it I agree 100% a “News” letter In the game Client or on the website where the Big Time team can update the community about key information and topics that might need to be addressed. This would solve any communication issues that people might be having or misunderstandings. As always amazing post Blazo huge credits to you for this one.

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First 3 things I would address in a global news post:

1 - Cosmetics will get better looking and more identifiable by rarity over time. This is a non stop questions and legit concern from the community.

2 - Why encrypted items were added and why spell effects were changed.

3 - Let players know a proper group matching system is coming.

Had there been a news feed in the client, all the confusion over the M-Boxes could have been solved from day 1 with a global post to everyone. I can’t even say the word, because it’s such a hot button topic. I am over it, but that whole issue and the deep damage it did to the community would have all been avoided.


a big time newsfeed can make us get updated faster. i agree,hope it gets added.

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