Can we get some communication on Silver + Jade mystery box drop rates?

Pretty much title.

In gold we had the medium article saying we should get our box within 5ish hours of playtime.

Of course, programming that was difficult for the devs, so some players needed to wait until another patch came out to get their boxes.

Now, assuming the devs have actually fixed this and its working, could we get an estimated playtime requirement for the silver and jade mystery boxes?

Ive played 35/40 hours so far in silver with 0 NFTs and no mystery box dropped yet…


From what I heard the requirements to receive the mystery box are not out yet so we will have to wait on some official information on when or how we get our boxes

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Also waiting to know more about the requirements since this time, maybe EXP won’t be only requirement to get the Armoury Mystery Box.

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Hopefully we get some communication on this soon.

I’d like to know how long I have to put myself through this haha.

Good point, there might be other criteria besides Exp.

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I guess it was in one of those quick “AMAs” done by Michael, that he said that the Silver (Armoury) Mystery Box would be a little more difficult to get than the one from Gold, but we didn’t need to worry too much about how to get it.

Hope that we can get the details of this event soon :smile:

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Yes same here, thanks for sharing your info on this.

Will we know for certain we got it? I’ve been in a lot of parties that are super fast paced and it’s possible I’ve ran by all sorts of good loot. Will this be like NFT auto-loot with a big sign? Gold members, what was your experience?

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Yes it will appear on your screen like an uncommon NFT loot, then will be accessible with your other NFTs in the ‘cosmetic’ section of your inventory.

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That article makes no mention of approximate playtime required to get the silver mystery box.

  • Ie. Gold Pass holders qualify for Mystery Box drop in Silver EAL. Gold & Silver Pass holders are eligible for Mystery Box drop in Jade and Ruby Pass periods. Gold, Silver, and Jade Passes qualify for Mystery Box drop in Jade. this is stated in the article listed so we will know in jade about the silver box I did not know this either till I just read this there should be a public ping in the discord eal about this just to have everyone on the same page