Can we get team combos please like in LOL

Problem you’re trying to solve
There doesnt seem to be much in the sense of satisfying team combos.

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
I feel like team gameply is a bit scattered and dry when it comes to actual team combos. There isnt really any direct incentive to pair certain classes with other classes in a dungeon because theres no real (visual, sound, or damage multipliers) reward for playing and working together. I mean some classes can solo most dungeons with the right items and stats…

The game should feel more like league of legends in that there should be obvious reasons to pair certain classes with others. Certian classes should have abilities that work really well with other classes, like for example, a stun that one class can do within an aoe, then another class with an ability that breaks armor, then another class that can deal a lot of aoe damage.

Yes, there are abilities like this, but the execution feels off. Its not like in LOL where character abilities are timed with strategy and can be both fluid and dynamic in gameplay when combined with team mates.

In LOL we talk to each other and plan out our team attacks with excitement and anticipation.

Even tho bigtime has implimented some of the things i am asking for, the execution in game feels weak, and the visuals are still not up to par.

When a chrono places time bubble and then puts down a blizzard, yes shields are broken, and sb or tw can come in and put a trap or do whirlwind, but it doesnt have the satisfactory feeling like it does when doing this type of action and gameplay in LOL.

Another example is Genshin Impact. Even though the game is boring, the execution of combining characters abilities and elements is executed correctly so that the player is left with a satisfying feeling.

I believe all of us players are searching for this type of content and battle play together in a game just like bigtime and if bigtime can deliver, it will be epic.

Also, just a side note… the items and pocket watches are super amazing and addictive. I love searching for items and watches and so far everyone i talk to has the same feeling.

Just give us gameplay, team gameplay, team tactics and combos that we yearn to practice and perfect!

Players love geeking over strategy and timing and the best ways to deal damage… give us combos within a team environment that we can obsess over and feel satisfied with once we perfect them.

Also numbers. NUMBERS are huge. People love seeing numbers in battle, juicy giant crazy damage numbers… give us something to feel good about for grinding.

But please make it worth our while. Give us content that we can use our items for. Give us content worthy of grinding for.

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience
Give us better visuals, especially when we combo our attacks and abilities with our teammates.

Give us better sound effects, especially when we time our ability pefectly with another players ability.

Perhaps give us a window, a time frame in which classes with complementing abilities can combo abilities and take down enemies faster.

I just want to feel like the experience in combat is exceptionally enhanced if we work as a team as opposed to op players going off on their own and killing mobs before other players can even catch up to their location.

Thank you bigtime team.

I love your game!


great idea and feedback i 100% agree with u

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Team combos has been discussed. Thanks for the feedback!

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