Can we have outfit cosmetics for the game?


Can we have outfit cosmetics for the game? I am pretty sure its kinda hard or impossible for it to be in a game because there are nfts cosmetic so I am not pretty sure about that but I still hope you guys add that, because players will look nice if that can be added to the game since its an MMORPG game, almost all MMORPG games has that feature, So My Idea is like you can have a hat, jacket and cool pants or skirt idk and then cool shoes you can select or create, I hope that can be added in the future updates

Its just my opinion for the game since I had experience at MMORPG games

I think this forum category is meant for feedback looking to solve a problem. I don’t think this is meant for a wish list of features you want in the future. May be better to post in General Discussion and see what people think of your ideas. You could put them all in to one post and then get some discussion going over there. Thanks again.

Thanks for correcting me, I am so sorry for my mistake

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