Can we have the insects/clockies boss room back?

Hello Devs, Can we have the insects/clockies back? at outpost and den boss room? we really missed it, only binosaur and monitor are the only thing we see all day, and its more fun before cuz of the big clockies and instects, the insects boss room is so fun because it has alot of enemies. can we have it back? because thats the only way to make the players have fun at the game again.

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We got an update from Buck that they are working on Boss Rooms, so stay tuned for them to get better. I really miss the Tank Bug, Clockies and Dino boss room as well, those were the best. I also miss the old Outpost/Dens, they are too big now. Outposts are too easy/boring with only Clockie Swabies, hopefully they will address this as well. Thanks for your feedback.


Thanks for your feedback, please make sure to use the provided template next time.

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LETS GO!!! I am pretty sure next week or in the next 2 weeks they will update the game, because I noticed that sometimes they update the game every 3-5 weeks