Cant sell my items

cant sell my items when the balance of gold rests on 500k / help

is it possible to sell items for GOLD in the game itself when you have 500k coins?

The maximum gold is 500k.
If when selling an item, you exceed that amount, the game will not let you sell.
You can mark them as junk and delete them, but not sell them.
I don’t know what idea they have for gold, but they should do something to make it more useful or harder to get (make the merchant pay cheaper for the items you sell, for example). Maybe also remove thhat cap.

I had the same issue but also could not buy items although I had space in my pockets. I figured out that you need space in your main pocket to buy something not in the 2 you can add. This should be fixed.

It happened to me too.
Another thing that should change, to pick up a bag you have to empty the one you have, throw it away and pick up the other… with the risk that you won’t be able to pick it up because you lack strength. What is the logic of needing strength to use a bag? And if you’re a chronomancer, why are you going to spend points on strength?