Change Utility NFT Mystery Box logic & Help Exalted Small Owners

Problem you’re trying to solve
To allow Space Owners to purchase the desired rarity of Utility Nfts for our Spaces & give Exalted Small Owners what we paid for.

Im using the analogy of real estate for Spaces to describe my views :grin:

Utility NFT Mystery Box:
I purchased a super awesome land (Exalted Space) with the ability to build a nice house with 5 floors (get it? 5 rarities :laughing:). After a couple of months, Developer then told me i can start building the house! Whooo Hoo! Obviously now I need to pay contractor to build the house which they will appoint, I’m totally cool with that.

But Developer said I can only choose from their ‘mystery’ contractors and I may get a contractor who only builds 2 or 3 or even 1 floor house, depending on my luck. Wait what? Then why did I pay a premium for my land which allows me to build 5 floors but now if I may get a random contractor who can only build 2 floors, (where is my mum gonna stay??) which I had to first pay before knowing the type of contractor and accept the contractor no matter wat…… but Developer said no worries!They will allow me to exchange my contractor with other land owners !:unamused:?. And because my land is super rare (Exalted) so ‘5 floor’ contractors are super rare too. “Good luck sir!”

Please Team, please don’t ‘mysterize’ Utility Nfts or at least not all of them. Are we gonna buy mystery things for everything like even tables and chairs for our Spaces?

Please please consider these options for Utility nfts:

Option 1: Mystery boxes of the utility nfts will automatically match the rarity of the Space that they are installed in, from Rare to Exalted. There is a small chance Mystery boxes may contain rarity higher than Exalted. This will give assurance to Space Owners we will at least get what we paid for, and not gamble for a chance.

Option 2: BT to sell utility nfts accordingly to the rarities, just like Space Sales, and a separate sale on mystery boxes for potential higher rarity than Exalted. Give the Space owners this option and let us decide.

Option 3: allow us to upgrade our Utility Nfts if we did not get the rarity we want.

Option 4: Remove rarities for utility nfts altogether.

Exalted Small Space Owners:
Exalted Small is like me buying a 3 bedroom apartment. When it’s time to collect the keys, Developer tells me, “hey sorry buddy, your 3 bedroom apartment is now 2 bedroom. Your 2 kids can’t have their own room. Also only 1 kid can sleep in the room at 1 time. But don’t worry! We will allow you to stick some super rare fancy wallpaper in the apartment which you have to buy, and shhh… other types of apartments can’t do that !”
“And because of your great sacrifice for the greater good of other house owners, now OTHER 1 bedroom apartments are now 2 bedroom! How awesome is that! We have more benefits for you but I can’t tell you anything now.”

Please don’t do this to me. I just want my 3 bedroom apartment, nothing more, nothing less. My kids needs to sleep at the same time!

Please allow Exalted Small to have 3 exits / 3 utility nfts as promised.


They definitely screwed the exalted-small space holders. Buy 8 sockets space and not it is equal to 2 sockets space. However, I have little hope that they will make owning exalted-rarity special as they promised during the AMA. But they can easily back out from that. The community should understand how they are cheated and protest and get fairly compensated.
(P.S. I am bullish on exalted)

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