Character completely wiped

Posted in game feedback as well, but not sure which is the best place to post for live support…
Is there a way to recover my character and loot and watches and everything? The game just crashed (I’m guessing for server maintenance/patch). But after relaunching it sent me back to the tutorial and had me pick my initial class and everything like I’d never played. Got back in the game and everything is wiped except my NFTs. I have my 4 NFT’s that I’ve earned still, but watches, characters, loots, everything else is completely gone.

Hi Charley, I’ve been waiting for over a month for the team to resolve similar issue. My ticket number has been closed without a resolution, answer or help given. 3 of my characters, all have issues, items wiped, pocketwatch gone, stat points missing. For the entire gold pass and like many others, we lost serious time, I mean weeks and not a single help was given. I’ve reached out to countless of people at Bigtime, open tickets, DM respective Bigtime leads, and i’ve been ignored - no explanation or answers. Kindly advise what will the team be doing to address this. Thank you.