Character got wiped

Is there a way to recover my character and loot and watches and everything? The game just crashed (I’m guessing for server maintenance/patch). But after relaunching it sent me back to the tutorial and had me pick my initial class and everything like I’d never played. Got back in the game and everything is wiped except my NFTs. I have my 4 NFT’s that I’ve earned still, but watches, characters, loots, everything else is completely gone.

you have any luck on this? same thing happened to me.

Please contact the customer support team by scrolling to the bottom of the big time webpage it should be in the middle of your screen at the bottom of the page.
Try to describe what happen leading up to the reset/wipe what server you were in what dungeon, the level and so on this will insure the most amount of information to try and retrieve your character data.
I am so sorry about you having this issue hopefully this can be resolved soon.

@Mirakle I should have tagged you in my reply sorry about that.

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Nope, that reply you guy is better than what I got back then. But the reply here and Discord when it happened to me was along the lines of “your character will be wiped anyway when EAL is over. have to start over” lol. I just started a couple new watches at the time and been playing on those, never was able to recover the lost data.

If you contact support, and give them the correct information when it happens, then you might be lucky, that they are able to make you a new pocket watch same level, if the data is saved, but your items and everything except nfts are lost forever.