Character Movement

Benefits for walking instead of running.

I don’t think players should be always default to run amidst enemies;
Rather have a choice with it’s pro’s and con’s.

Sprint doesn’t engage unless you trigger it manually though. Or are you talking about the lack of an actual walk-speed?

I was trying to express that while running there should be some cons; instead of the pro of moving faster without consequences; when hit by enemies/projectiles; for example. And there should be pros for walking when hit by enemies/projectiles.

And if they add crouch with walking there should be pros and cons for that aswell.

There already are consequences. Poison slows you down, and fire slows you down & trips you. Those are already pretty significant consequences.

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Those are ailments and element specific. I’m talking about Movement choices pro’s and con’s.

For example a con of crouching would be slower movement speed.