Character reset after Early Access?

Hi. I heard somewhere that our players would get “wiped” or “reset” after the EA period is over? I cannot find any documentation on this in the Wiki or Medium site. I would like clearer information on what would be wiped and what we would retain. To just lose all the time put into a character seems unfair. Please could we have some clear documentation on how this would work and the rationale? Thank you.

Only NFTs remain others reset.

As other users said, everything will be reset. Only the NFTs will remain in your account.

It’s a fair thing to do so we can all start at the same point once the game is finally released :smiley:

Agree and not agree… This is a very good thing and I think it should be like that to provide a fair gaming experience for the overall community.
But all of this is not fair to EAL peeps because the drops are no good we all can agree on that, so like the drop rate is trash although they use hyping word like insane and mega + everything that you do atm will reset.
This naturally in and of itself will create a big mess in the overall community when they game is out. Why? Because EAL ppl are already burned out, not satisfied, experienced all the shit show- why shit show? Because we’ve put so much efforts now and we get almost nothing in return

Gold EA here

Although being down badly on investment lvl its hard to blame on devs for NFTs price drop. All in all they delivered everything that was promised and blaming people not wanting to speculate in bear market is quite unfair. I would look on positive side:

  • once demand pick up i think there is little supply to be distributed right now , and there are some NFT which supply is quite shallow
  • We still not see economy picture as a whole, if there will be some good economical flywheel we migh get into some healthy , not ponzi like economy going
  • I do actually think drop rate in gold was quite insane especially at the begining. I didnt managed to really benefit on that couse I didnt had as much time to put into game.
  • The core gameplay is really good and it is still improved by players demand. But to be fair there are 2 key features to be improved - skill trees and Lore - those are REALLLY important and lack of them may be the only big negative about game I have right now.

Heads up , I do believe Big Time will lead in P2E 2.0 trend.

I hope BT will lead the p2e genre, it’s all about the community and the devs and of course how they execute the whole thing.
As a SP ea I can say that well… Through my experience the promise or whatever has not been delivered, playing since the first minute of SP till now around the clock so at least 12hrs a day as a minimum and I have only 2UC skins and 1UC title… I dunno how ‘rare’ even looks like.
So compare to the time spent and the promises of go hunt for nfts with friends with a mega super high drop rates which will never be like that again- ehmmmm where’s that? LOL
I see people grind for life, every dng we grind no one gets anything.
The game is great I must say but the promises for that EAL via purchasing passes to get mega super blablabla has not met (at least yet) imo.

Having some confusion on the term “NFT’s” in this case, since technically none of the items dropped in game right now are truly considered Non-fungible Tokens. Technicalities aside, what I am basically wanting to know, are ALL items dropped (utility, cosmetic etc things like shields and weapons) going to stay with our characters, while our level and experience will be reset?
I think this way makes sense to me, but just wanted to be sure. Obviously, if you put the time in EAL and got some rare items, those will help you level up faster when the game resets, so in the end it makes it worth it. But if they didn’t allow you to keep in game items minus cosmetic NFT items that were dropped, there would be zero advantage for EAL users who invested money into the pre-access period.

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BigTime is not Pay 2 Win.
Also this is Pre-alpha they might change everything at Official launch.

Only NFT remain. If you want that at least you have the advantage to sell NFT as soon after official launch.
I joined from Gold phases, and I’m happy that Reset everything except NFTs.

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Hey @amper8and If I am not mistaken they confirmed that everything would be reset on full release except NFT’s so only the NFT’s would remain on your account here is the link to the AMA they discussed this in. NEW Economy Updates | BigTime AMA Highlights 6/03 - YouTube
I as a silver pass holder would say it would not be fair for the other players who will be joining in on open release if we started at level 41 and I am sure big time has a more fleshed out leveling process they want us to go through when full release comes I.E (Lore, Quests, more dungeons) and so on so a full restart (except for NFT’s) just makes sense for all players to get the true experience that will be this Big Time Game restarting excites me :smiley: I understand your frustration but keep in mind we are in alpha so everything is being tested right now and balanced/Improved on everyday so lets be glad we will be reset so we are not robbed of the experience of playing the true game on full release. - Sneaky

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Agree with everything mate, can’t wait for the reset

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