Chasing Dungeon Portals

Chasing Dungeon Portals
Running around to find a proper dungeon level is annoying and time wasting. I just cant find a single argument why dungeons should pop up randomized in areas. Sometimes a whole team of 6 players waste up to 5 minutes just finding a dungeon, this is not a good game time, haven’t heard a single player that likes this search for dungeons. Also sometimes it takes so long that the group just splits -that’s really bad.

Easy solution: Just have the dungeon Portals at a fixed place in every zone (Waste lands, Icy Castle etc)

In the future, please use the feedback format given. I think there are certain reasons portals spawn in random locations at random times. I do however have some constructive feedback to add to this point.

At certain times when leveling, especially the early levels 1-10, it’s hard to find portals that match my level range in the Forest Area. I was level 5, running around looking for a portal that was 5-10’ish for quite some time.

One way to solve this is to add more portal spawns to the Forest. We don’t want noobies coming in and not being able to find dungeons around their level, they are new to the game and have less patience.


Hey @Cryptogaming I understand some of the frustration but keep in mind the game is still in alpha and is being worked on everyday to improve the experience of all players. So with that said your problem you are coming up against will most likely be solved down the line with Mounts/Fast travel Via Waypoints/ and better dungeon spawning would help to solve this issue which are all things being either considered right now or worked on so please be patient with the game and know you are being heard. I would try using a shadow blade pocketwatch that’s leveled up to 5 to zoom around with using ninja leap and high movement speed to find portal’s easier in the world.

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