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Open Loot didn’t change much since its launch in december 2021.
Many key/basic features of any NFT marketplace have been missing since then :

  • search
  • history
  • filters
  • view of what the NFTs looks in game

It it’s might not appear to be a problem for most players, I think it is for anyone which either played a lot or bought a lot of Big Time NFTs. This lack of feature might make the difference between someone buying a few 100s NFTs or just a few one because this personne will realize it’s to much of manual work to keep track of its investment.

If in a perfect world the OpenLoot website would be Open Source, community members would have add Key missing features to it a long time ago, but I and many other doubt this will happen one day.

Some community members have been looking for ways to fill the lack of many needed features of the plateform.

Here’s 2 I have been using during the past few months :

VIG chart & portfolio tracker

My favorite initiative of them all is :

Overall market & portfolio tracker ( by @Ghar ) :
( The website have been experimenting some performance issue since a few weeks )

Is there a better solution ?

If this 2 initiatives are great to track public data ( market price ) , they are limited in what they can achieve in terms of user data due to their impossibility to interact directly with the OpenLoot back end in name of the user, beeing hosted on their own domain.

Still they managed to provide a solution for a user to have it’s portfolio on their platform by :

  • Asking the user to get it’s own data from OpenLoot API ( copy json response )
  • Ask him to manually submit it to the app ( paste json response )
  • Repeat the process each time the users wants to get it’s last loot/purchase/sell updated on their platform

It’s nice but there is a better way : A Chrome extension for Open Loot.
Let me explain why

Even if the API of OpenLoot is limited, there is more to it than available on the website, as a user can query his purchases history, sell history, and overall collection ( see my post in the OpenLoot forum : Discord)

And the only way to acess this API, you guessed it, is from the OpenLoot website.
Thanksfully, browsers allow its user to change a look, organization and features of a website though Browser Extensions

What a chrome extension for OpenLoot could be able to do

TLDR : many things !

Here’s just a few ideas of features which can be implemeted with a chrome extension :

  • ability to search, filter, and get aggregate data over (ie : average purchase price of rare axes ) :
    • history of purchases
    • history of sales
    • history of your loots with dates
    • overall NFT collection
  • batch purchase ( ever wanted to buy all these 1$ uncommon in 1 click ? )
  • add in game videos of Cosmetic directly on the product page
  • move items easily ( move to in game, to sell , or sell from the same view )
  • social buttons share
    • i bought this item
    • I bought this item 2 weeks ago at 5$, now worth 20$
    • I now own the complete set of Sir Brunor ( all picture in tweet ) 1/100
  • space agencement simutalor with NFT utility based on what user owns
  • collection tracking ( you need the grate sword to complete your Hector set )

Community driven

In my opinion this project could become a reality only if it’s FREE and Open source
I saw a lot of people during the past few month asking for X or Y feature on OpenLoot.

How it can benefit Big Time / Open Loot ?

  • Features Playground (sandbox) ?
    • Lower user complains
    • Foresee what community wants and need
  • Serious NFT investors need & love numbers & analyses
    • Been asked Transparency on the overall market
  • Boost number of transactions ( more profit for OpenLoot )
    • attract more NFTs speculator
    • Quicker decision making
    • Quicker to find and sell and item

Cool dude, ideas worth sh**, just do it !

I won’t!
Not all by myself, it’s too much work.
And it would be dumb to put serious work into something like that before knowing if it triggers any interest fromthe Big Time community.

Still I decide to go as far as building an Earliest Testable Product

Here’s a 4min videos to showcase what it can do for you now :
Open Loot - Chrome extension v0.2.3 - YouTube

Otherwhise here just a small description of what it can do for you in the current state :
Get a data table of ALLyour purchases in one click ( even if you have thousands NFTs ), filter ( by rarity, costmetic, utility, etc ), search for a nft, make sense of your investment with average and total purchase over all your epics, weapons, etc…

Here’s the release you can download and install :

Here’s the source code of this project :

If that’s so cool, why not reaching out to OpenLoot to get their suport ?

We tried… the 14th of October.
We, the Returners guild, were lucky to get a call with @Buck to showcase the extension. Buck fowarded to the team, thanks again Buck. But anyone from OpenLoot came back to us yet. They have bigger priorities and we can’t blame them : we have an Earliest Testable Product with no community support nothing interesting for them at this stage.

That said if this initiave sounds interesting to you, there is a way you can suport/signal it :

1 - Share your points of view / ideas in the comment
2 - if you are a dev, take a few minutes over the code, experiment with it, add new cool stuff and most importantly let others knows, there is no security risk involved by using this extension
3 - let other know what you think

  • :+1: : I suport this initiative
  • :-1: : I have no interest in ever using an Open Loot extension

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Very geat extension. It’s something we need since a long time
Thanks Zet for this work :wink:


This extension is amazing !
this is exactly what we need to follow the market place more closely, all collectors and buyers will be interested in this tool, it will finally allow us to have precise monitoring of our purchases and our sales! This will allow players to see that when they drop an epic skin they don’t need to sell it at the price of a rare and it should therefore straighten out the market place :slight_smile:

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This extension is a MUST HAVE.

Actually OPEN LOOT Market Place is a pain in the “***” to use without this extension.
You simply have no clue what you bought, what you dropped, the date it happened, the price you paid for it, how many have been looted etc…

This extension solve all of this in one time and is very easy to use.
Congratulation Zet !

This sounds cool! Good work!

Thanks @Gootsy ! Just wondering, if I may ask, what would be the key features you would like to see in Open Loot which are curently missing ?

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I cant think of anything rn but stuff already in the extension seems enough for me.

This is so usefull thanks a lot!

niceeee !!!
thats what we need

There is a new, more complete version with a dashboard available now.
Check it here : Missing feature on Open Loot ? Read That

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Closing this topic. You can follow discussion here: Chrome Extension for Open Loot V1 is out. Give it a try :slight_smile: