Combo's in battle

Problem you’re trying to solve
The feel of battle is boring. Even with the gears and subtrees, which is actually amazing, to give a little praise before we get into the battle gameplay, the gears and ubtrees are one of my favorite parts of this game. The pocket watches are genius too. Upgrading different branches of a subtree are amazing, and the ability to add pr switch gears with different subtrees is a beautiful touch.

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel

The problem i hope to solve is the feel and excitement of the battles in dungeons. The combos and even the abilites feel underwhelming and dry.

The battle should feel engaging and dynamic.

Think of league of legends but as an mmorpg. I know there are some league of leagends devs in the core team. The battle sequences in LOL is great because it is constantly engaging, requires strategy and timing, and is dynamic with great visual effects.

Right now i press buttons that either swing a weapon in a boring and unsatisfying way or i spit fireworks at an enemy with a staff.

Think of ashe in LOL. she is an archer, which can be dull and boring, but her kit and abilities makes her fun. Different types of arrows with spread or slows and a giant feost arrow that doeas aoe freeze… its amazing.

Right now bigtime battle gameplay is like playing mario twins… i jump around and swing a weapon or spit fireworks in a really underwhelming way… theres no thought, strategy, or dynamic graphics to aid in excitement or entertainment.

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience

Please add combos that are exciting to watch. Add gameplay where i can time and strategize my regular attacks with abilities to get the best damage. Make the visual effects stunning and engaging.

Make it so if i engage an ability after a sequence of combos the ability looks cooler and lasts loger or does more damage.

Right now the battle sequence feels clunky and choppy. Please make it feel polished and smooth.


Hi. Feedback with all this info was added to the Jira project to be reviewed.

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When they add boss encounters, I think a great way to make the combos more engaging is to add boss mob abilities that require you to use certain combos. For example, a mage who does a long casting animation for an attack that would wipe out lot’s of health of the party, but it can be interrupted if you use a certain combo on it. Same thing for a healer mob that is casting a full heal on the boss mob, needs a certain combo to interrupt it.

Just an idea for when boss mob encounters are added!


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Yah, I was hoping for cast-time and abilities for interrupting abilities with cast time. Like guild-wars 1; they really had a great system for all their skills which made it really easy to balance for PVP where only a few skills had a PVP only version.

Also since Big-Time has a cool weapon combo system; having some-sort of combo breaker would be cool. Therefore adding more strategy and awarding players for being good at the game.

For example:

The Archer (GW1) had a skill that would shoot a faster arrow that would interrupt cast-time skills.
The Warrior had melee skills that would interrupt or knockdown which would also interrupt.
Those 2 are only a few.