Community inspired NFTs

I used to be apart of the warframe community and I was always impressed by how that community shaped the game. One of the most impactful features was allowing anyone to create a custom warframe skin and place it in up for display where it could receive likes. If it gained enough popularity it would be featured in the game as a special market place skin and the artist would receive a 30% cut of all purchases. I’m not suggesting Big time follow the 30%, but it would be really cool to see some of the community propose armor / weapon skins in seasonal or limited edition runs.

Some of the most amazing skins were fan created.

This creates a certain level of attachment to the community nfts. Its free marketing, its free designs so its really a win win for big time. The skins would ultimately be decided by big time to keep the game in the artistic direction they want.

I love the current designs and art style, so im not suggesting in anyway the fans would be ‘better’, just that 1000 ideas is better than 40 to find some truely creative concepts.

I wouldn’t expect this to be a feature until after release but thought i’d add it here for food for thought for the devs and marketing team .



Absolutely love it!

I’m all for this as well but i’m sure they’d do this later on. Right now i feel as if they’re focused on polishing up the game more. Very much great idea though!

This is a feature I also really liked in war frame! Would be cool to see something similar here (community art submissions)