Content Ideas (EX: PVP, Mulitple modes etc..) come and leave your Ideas

First of all, I think Bigtime is a great game. thanks Bigtime for bringing us an amazing game. I have been grinding this game nonstop 12-16 hours per day since Gold pass started. had a lot of fun during EAL. Here’s my suggestions to Bigtime team.

we need more contents to compete with other players for attarcting players to play this game other wise the game will get bored really soon in my opinion.

I’ll start this topic and welcome everyone to put your thoughts below.

Idea 1:
Battleground or arena like world of warcraft.

Idea 2:
Survival game mode like Fortnite.

Idea 3:
Open world PVP (Loots drop liek Albion)

Idea 4:
Tower Challenge mode ( Rank reward system)
mobs will get stronger and stronger every floors. Players get to claim their rewards everyweek.

Idea 5:
Challenge mode (hardcore mode. Crazy bosses and mobs)
we pay Bigtime tokens to summon special dungens where you need to take a risk on losing gear or your NFT. If you have better gear and rare NFT before you get in. it increase your Drop chance.

Idea 6:
Title NFT need cool animation!
I don’t see the value on title NFT so far. If every title NFT got a cool animation on it. I thhink it will be super cool.

Idea 7:
Achivement system.
every seasons have their own exclusive NFT. you will be able to claim the exclusive NFT by reaching these achivements. of course limit supply.

These are my ideas for this game so far.

Overall,Bigtime is a great game but I think it still has a lot of parts need to improve. please leave your thoughts below and lets make Bigtime become the greatest game on blockchain


Idea 8: A region/biome named “Cloud City” situated among the clouds that is hard to access. Players would have to climb a giant beanstalk to reach Cloud City (an idea inspired by the Jack and the Beanstalk fairy tale) and there would be a Mega Dungeon here in the form of a giant castle, which would take about 40 minutes to complete. This dungeon would be so difficult that a party of 6 players who are all level 50+ would be required to have any hope of success. There would be certain kinds of loot/gear/weapons that only drop inside this dungeon.

Idea 9: Permanent gates/portals in each region of the map to facilitate ease of travel throughout the Big Time overworld. One of the biggest problems with the game currently is the legwork required to reach different regions, wherein one player will usually traverse the map by foot to the desired region and drink a green potion to summon the rest of his party members. There should be a Main Gate in Watertown and a Main Gate in each region of the map, which players can walk up to and press E to access a list of all the Main Gates, and select a gate to transport to with a simple click of a button.

Idea 10: As an alternative or addition to Idea 9 - there should be some kind of creature that players can mount to traverse the map faster. This could be a horse, or even a flying creature such as a griffon, a dragon, a pegasus, or a giant eagle. The current need to use a bunch of Speed Potions to get around the map faster is wasteful, laborious and time-consuming; it needs to be rectified and Ideas 9 and 10 are just a couple of possible solutions to this. The aforementioned creatures could also provide a new range of NFTs for the Big Time economy; the creatures themselves could be NFTs which players can either own or rent out, and there would be other cosmetic items such as saddles or other adornments that can equipped to the creature.

That’s all I’ve got for now.


Wow nice thread of ideas! Although I think these ideas are mostly for down the road, I do agree they will need more content like the ones you suggested, good work!

Ideas you guys touched on that are not major projects and could be done in the short term are ones like the issue with titles and transporting around the world.

Titles should be colored based on the rarity so everyone knows what rarity the title is someone is using. That adds the flex factor to the more rare titles. As it is (just like with the cosmetics currently) no one even knows you are wearing an epic title, and there is no flex, therefore, not useful.

Transporting around the world, this could be addressed with the Big Time Token. There could be portals that take you to different places around the world that cost tokens to use, and there could also be NFTs for mounts that give different levels of permanent run speed depending on the rarity (no fighting or spell casting when mounted).

Great work guys!



Great suggestions - this post deserves more attention.

An overlying suggestion I’d like to add regarding content is challenging & rewarding Character Progression. In EA, it took me less than 2 weeks to start clearing the highest level content with ease, and obtain the most valuable stat based gear and pocket watches. This is unacceptable for general launch.

Regardless of the end game content, the core game loop should require at least 1-2 months of hardcore grinding through multiple game modes (quests, dungeons, pvp, etc) in order to reach the highest levels and obtain the best gear for end game content. Once this is achieved, the end game content needs to be significantly more difficult than the current content. I cannot stress this enough - the content must require group coordination over voice comms, emphasize groups with certain class compositions, and require minimum player levels and gear to complete it. As such, players should be rewarded with high-end stat based gear over time, taking an additional 1-2 months of hardcore gameplay to max out with top gear from these raids/challenge dungeons. After which, players should still be able to progress through an endless cycle of fun content (i.e. PvP).

Overall, the “purpose” of the game is currently aimed at acquiring NFTs. This cannot and should not be the purpose during General Launch. Traditional Web2 gamers will tear this apart in the current state, and have no interest. Challenging and robust gameplay loops and end game content must be implemented and marketed to the web2 player base. The NFT side of the game must be viewed as an added bonus, something that is non-essential to the gameplay and can be avoided by players who have no interest in NFTs or paying for anything.


Hello, I will comment on the things that I would add or change in the game.

  • Cemeteries in each zone: it doesn’t make sense to die in ice and appear in water town, that’s why we have potions.
  • Bags: it has been commented several times, but it doesn’t make sense to need force to use a bag, nor to need free slots for a bag. If you want to limit the use to low level characters, do so by adding requirement per level.
  • Level requirement to enter a zone or dungeon: a level 20 can make a level 50 dungeon, a level limit is required and not allow the change of poketwatch inside the dungeon (it cannot be that the first day you are in the hardest area in the game, and it’s annoying that you get invited by a level 20-30 party to go to much higher level dungeons)
  • Allow the use of the “p” action inside the dungeon to see the players. The leader should be able to see the members and kick one if needed (this could be by vote so the leader can’t abuse power)
  • Give a value to gold: It is very easy to get gold and reach the maximum, so I propose a general drop, where getting 100k gold is quite a challenge. Many players like to feel powerful having large amounts of gold, this makes no sense if everyone has the maximum. And that way, the 500k limit would be logical (although I would eliminate it)
  • More skill bars: many of us have had to leave out some important skill due to lack of space, 10 slots is very little.
  • Remove chat clearing when changing map or entering/exiting dungeon… you can’t have a conversation with a player and important messages are lost.

I would like to see:

  • Quests and enemies outside the dungeons (I imagine the Big Time team is working on it)
  • Achievements
  • Mounts (nft)
  • RRP
  • New dungeons with different maps (and that some are exclusive to an area or from a certain level)
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