Content that I would like in big time

I know it’s early and that the game is an alpha, but I would like this game to be one of the best to have fun and to be the best in nft games, because today removing this game that I love, everything else to been an embarrassment.
I am going to highlight points that I would love to have in this game
1 multiplayer game like the one we have now, but that the dungeons are not repetitive and make some new system to play them either with several boses or other systems, there are many ways to play in a dungeon, I hope they work on it
2 solitaire game I would love that there was also to be able to change from playing in a party to solo
3 rai content, also being able to play with a lot of people to be able to kill boses outside the dungeons
4 house, craft and pet systems, apart from mini games
in the craft system that we already know what it is going to do with the space, it should see another one for the team that is not nft, I would love for there to be fishing, blacksmithing, cooking, etc.
5 history of the game I hope there is a good story behind this game and that there are expansions at the same time
I could say many more things about the game, I just hope that the game is one day the best in nft mmo

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