Cool Down Reduction on Low Level Items

It is currently too easy to get stats from low level items. I have seen low tier common items with crazy stats, 15% Cool Down Reduction, +70% Move Speed etc.

Stats that make you Over Powered like Cool Down Reduction and Movement Speed should be reserved for Rare Items or better. Let’s focus on Cool Down Reduction as an example:

First off, the best stats should be reserved for Rare Items or Better. Common and Uncommon items should not have Cool Down Reduction. Every Tier should have a Max, and each Rarity in that Tier should have a max. For Example:

Tier 1 | Rare - 1% Max | Epic - 2% Max | Legendary - 4% Max
Tier 2 | Rare - 2% Max | Epic - 4% Max | Legendary - 6% Max
Tier 3 | Rare - 3% Max | Epic - 6% Max | Legendary - 10% Max
Tier 4 | Rare - 4% Max | Epic - 8% Max | Legendary - 12% Max
Tier 5 | Rare - 5% Max | Epic - 10% Max | Legendary - 15% Max
Tier 6 | Rare - 6% Max | Epic - 12% Max | Legendary - 18% Max

This is just an example, but stats like Cool Down Reduction should not be available on Common and Uncommon items, and then it should scale up per tier and per rarity.

I am concerned because it is currently way too easy to make yourself Over Powered through buying items from the Shop. We don’t want to be able to spend some gold and get so strong that we can jump right to Tier 6 Level 51+ Dungeons at level 25. We want to have to work for it over a long period of time so each upgrade is rewarding and exciting. Otherwise we will burn though all the fun way too fast!

Thank you so much team and keep up the good work!



I agree with this, but I do think that some of these better stats should start appearing on common and uncommon items at tier 3 or 4. Of course, these commons should get lower rolls for how much the stat gets increased, but it should still appear.

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Good call. Agreed as well.