Cool Leaked Contents for the Future Updates

Hello, I want to share this contents that is leaked on one of the videos on youtube, I am pretty sure this might be connected that there will be a demon dungeon, which will make sense for demon hunters. This Temple seems very asian thats why I think this is japanese, I can’t wait for the update when the day comes that they put this content on the game where there is a temple that has demons in it or a forest that has yokai I guess, because more dungeons to the game are more fun.

Also you might be wondering why I said this is japanese not chinese, because I’ve noticed that there is alot of japanese lore in the game such as shadowblade is japanese because one of the skills is named kawarimi maruta which is a japanese word and not chinese, and also demons are more in japan, so probably thats why

Oh yeah there’s also a castle dungeon on the video which is cool that there will be upcoming skeletons to the game maybe.

and also there’s one time where some random guy TP us on the other Island and we’ve notice that theres alot of cool places there, such as the Desert Island and the more darker wasteland, and another Ice place and a forest that has mountains, and we’ve noticed that the ice place there has stairs which is coming to the game soon probably, and the game will probably a open world game so which make sense that these places is coming soon to the game.

and also there’s another one that is leaked a long time ago since gold pass, which is the loading screen art, it shows that the there is a guy riding a biceratops which is coming to the game soon too, they said. and also there is also a guy there that is wielding a spear weapon, which means that there will be a lancer/spear class upcoming which is really a needed class to the game and also archer too I hope…

there’s also another loading screen art that shows that this people is trying to solve the dungeon which has puzzles in it to enter the other way, and a guy that has a flamethrower thingy, that might be another upcoming weapon to the game.

So yeah I hope this upcoming content to the game that is leaked, I can’t wait for all of them
also there’s alot more leaked, but I didn’t showed it here because these are more interesting.

Keep up the work Big Time!