Core Gameplay Issues with Tier and lvls

Problem you’re trying to solve
Playing past Tier 3 PW is boring.

Here is a warrior starting pocket watch. The stats are as follows,
Max Health 300
Max Energy 100
Strength 35
Dexterity 20
Intelligence 10
Vitality 30
Agility 10
Wisdom 10
Accuracy 70
Evasion 70
Dodge 50
Block 50
Mitigation 150
Non Magical Damage Scalar 113%

Here is a level 36 Tier 5 with no armor or gears or anything on and stats wiped to o
Max Health 1035.54
Max Energy 1153.56
Strength 102
Dexterity 90
Intelligence 76
Vitality 30
Agility 41
Wisdom 20
Accuracy 210
Evasion 334
Dodge 50
Block 50
Mitigation 150
Non Magical Damage Scalar 133%

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
This makes replaying when changing to a new pocket watch boring. I am not a level 1 when I put on a Tier 5 pocket watch… why make me go back to play level 1 content?? Furthermore that means that after I take tier 5 pocket watch to level 55 I am not really level 55… I am way higher. So there is no content for me to play. There is a fundamental issue with progression in this system between pocket watch tiers and level we are lost as players continually fighting way higher “lvl” content and getting no loot we can put on because I am lvl 36 playing 50+ dungeons because under that will just put me to sleep. Lets take a look at the numbers

Max Health 246% increase
Max Energy 1053.56% increase
Strength 218% increase
Dexterity 350% increase
Intelligence 660% increase
Vitality same
Agility 310% increase
Wisdom 100% Increase
Accuracy 200% increase
Evasion 377% increase
Dodge same
Block same
Mitigation same
Non Magical Damage Scalar 18% increase

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience
If the tier system and level system remain… there needs to be an effort put into scaling somehow… i have held of on posting this for a while because we keep hearing the team is addressing this… but every patch nothing changes… so time to put feedback in again… to show in picture format… this is how different these two pockets watches are from each other.
Level comparision

Would love to hear others thoughts. Until this nut is cracked… this game has no sustainability in gameplay … this issue needs to be solved in the next real patch… not hotfix.


i totally agreed you said everything hope they will see it and fix it.

With how much there is a difference in the scaling. Dungeons and content lv wise needs to be boosted by 10~20 lv maybe even more from the current. If not bosted then drop the stats off if there is no plan on raising levels of these dungeons/content. These types of game need to have a continuous flow of progressing challenge. To keep the interest of the gamer of these MMORPGs.

Great feedback thanks for putting all the effort into it.

So to address one issue you brought up is that there are plans to enable you to socket an old [class here] pocket watch into the new [same class] pocket watch and get bonus experience that drains the XP out of the old pocket watch.

If I went back and started a new pocket watch before level requirements, I could drop on tier 6/7 gear on the new character and mow through lower-level content. This was actually pretty fun as you’re just wrecking things. I agree with you reliving the full newbie experience sucks.

If I were to level multiple characters in other ARPGs, I always have to do the grind once, but then I use the resources from my first character to buff the capabilities of the 2nd so that it makes running the 2nd character much easier.

Another thing that is coming is a larger variety of affixes. Some will only be available from specific places. The goal is that each class will have a decent variety of ways to play each class. Clearly, we have work to do there, but I’d like to get people talking about the different ways people would like to play each class.

Keep the feedback coming.

I dont think you are understanding me or I am not explaining well…

It isn’t an issue of having to start over… it is being forced through lower level content…

It reminds me of WoW when the deathknight came out… it started out at what lvl 45??? point being imagine if They gave you that Deathknight with all the stats of lvl 45… but then made you go back to lvl 1 starting area and play all of that content…

That is what we are doing with PW and Tiers

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I have a suggestion but not sure if it will fix the issue you mentioned, what if any new PWs that you want to use will be matched immediately to your level/rank. Meaning if your rank is lvl40 and you want to use a new tier5 PW, once you equip it, you’ll always have the option to start fresh or boost it to lvl40.

This doesnt solve the fact that all the content is too easy for lvl 40

I don’t think Big Time has anyone experienced balancing a successful mmorpg. When that person is hired, all these issues will be solved pretty fast. Let’s hope they don’t skimp on this one, because balance is everything and it’s a skill learned over a lifetime not “on the fly” or through “player feedback” or “we will just keep patching until we get it right”. The person in charge of balancing must know what they are doing and they must have done it before at a high level.