Cosmetics are actually baloney

All of the cosmetics are just reskins and recoloring of regular in-game items… This is lazy and crap. This needs to be changed moving forward and if is changed, it makes all of these items really worthless. I expected better shame on me. Devs do better, if you don’t shame on you moving forward.


This is aplha! im impressed with how much has been done in the game so far, NFTs have already had serveral visual updates and im sure more are coming.

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I agree with Kingperrin, the fact that the exclusive NFT’s for silver pass are literally different colour schemes of gold pass is sad and reflects poorly on Bigtimes’s idea of NFT design IMO

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100% agree with this. I’m hoping they make them cooler in game for final release and these are just place holder visuals. But if this is the final product NFT, what waste of money and time trying to earn them lol. The actual items look better than the NFT skins in most cases above green level items.

I agree. This is a major concern that could actually cause a collapse of the in-game economy if not handled properly. Right now, in-game armor items look basically identical to the NFT armor skins. Why purchase the legendary Stepp Walker armor when it looks the same as the stat based items?

I see 2 options moving forward:

  1. Dramatically improve the appearance of the NFT skin, so it is very distinguished from the stat armor
  2. (easier & I think ideal strategy) Make all of the stat based armor dull and boring - basically peasant cloths…

YES, the stat based armour at tier six already looks bad ass, nobody’s going to spend good money on a literal colour change :roll_eyes:

I agree the stat based armour should get dulled down a bit (as an easier fix) or make the NFT skins more out of the box :fire:


100% Agree, will break economy if not addressed.


How about make the starter sets the default skin. Regardless of tier and/or level, the armors and weapons will flat out look like the starter sets unless players buy cosmetics for it. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I got confirmation that Cosmetics will be overhauled. They will be unique and players will know what rarity you are wearing.

I think it was pretty obvious that they would be doing this, but it was nice to get confirmation so we can all relax about the NFTs currently looking like regular items in the game. That won’t be the case in the future.

Hang in there everyone, we will be able to flex our cosmetics soon enough, no worries =)



Can’t wait to see how our Cosmetics upgrade via our forge and armory will impact their style and effect s !