Cosmetics in-game

Give as an in-game cosmetics room to try any cosmetics we like before buying them so we can actually see how it looks in game. Also give us the ability to turn on-off the visibility of helmet.

And the Floating Text Visibility resets every time you launch the game or get back to lobby.

This is an interesting idea a in game cosmetic room to try out nft’s and see there aura’s/looks in game I also think there should be something like this on the marketplace a 3d view of the NFT’s to better understand what they look like in game and maybe even a 3d picture of a in game avatar holding the NFT’s. I think I have heard rumors that there are idea’s of this going around and is possibly even being worked on right now so good suggestion I hope something like this is implemented.
As for the ability to turn off and on helmet visibility this sounds like a really good idea. Some people like to see there character’s face and the helm’s in game obstruct it pretty bad. This would be an neat quality of life update.

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Hey all. I just uploaded an issue with this info so it can be reviewed. Thanks!

Wrong forum for suggestions.