Crafting in the MVP?

I would love to see a crafting system in the game available to every player. I feel like this is a minimum capability for an MMORPG but I have yet to hear anything about it mentioned except for as it relates to NFT upgrading.

Mining, Flower and the Sun thing (forget the name) gathering in missions already have mechanics in the game as is some mechanism for NFT creation or conversion.

I really hope this is in the works for the game, I hear many people asking about it and talking about how they would love a crafting system that is not behind a paywall (space & utility nfts).


If I am not mistaken they are planning for crafting systems to be implemented in the future not sure any of those details but like you said its one of those things MMORPGS pretty much always have so lets see what Info they drop in the future good suggestion though I love to hear any ideas you might have keep up the amazing work.