Creating an enchanting world

Even in its current alpha phase, one aspect of Big Time that already shines through is the immersive cartoon environments and breathtaking imagery. The wonderous environments give the player a sense of enchantment similar to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and the original Fable. There are a few ways that this could be further enhanced to make Big Time even more enchanting. Namely, adding a few animal types to the overworld to make it feel more alive, such as squirrels, deer, and small birds such as sparrows or robins. The squirrels and the birds would sit in the trees, and fly away or run away on occasion. The ties into another aspect of the overworld that needs to be enhanced - the trees need to have longer branches so that they look like actual trees, instead of giant pieces of broccoli like they are now. The squirrels could run along these longer branches.

There are also mushrooms in the forest dungeons - I have an idea of how these mushrooms could become an interactive part of the game, which I will detail in the thread “Are there any ideas to make Missions and the Game play FUN!”

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Hello there! Glad to read that you are enjoying the environments of the game :smiley:

I’ve passed on your feedback to the team for review. :chipmunk: :bird: :two_hearts:

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