Dash Command Inhibited

Problem you’re trying to solve
Dashing away from enemies is hindered, cannot move away once a combo attack has begun.

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
I feel like I don’t have freedom in game when I cannot dash away from the enemies when I need to, but I have to sit there and wait for my attack to finish. I get knocked down because I am unable to dash away. This ability feels suppressed and it makes the game feel too… gamey, uncontrolled, and there is an awkward moment when you just sit there and wait doing nothing.

I want to feel the freedom in game of being able to have total control of my character. There should be an uninterrupted flow in the game play where you are not sitting there awkwardly for a moment waiting to regain control of your character. Right now the lack of control is demotivating.

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience
I would like to see the dash command cancel any ongoing attacks or commands to immediately regain control of your character, and dash out of the way.

Hey @Gator! Thank you for the feedback! I’ll log this in for the team to discuss!

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I find this to be most relevant with close combat melee attacks and less relevant to spell attacks.

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