Died in dungeon and not able to be revived from a Revive Shrine

What happened? Died in dungeon and not able to be revived from a Revive Shrine.

Frankfurt Prime, Dungeon instance Portal appx 20-30 level.

Approximately 8:18 pm US Central time.

After dying to a hoard of mobs while attempting to click on a party portal, my group used a res shrine which did give my screen color back but I stayed dead.

Screenshot attached.

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yeah it happened yesterday to me too.

We’re there a lot of enemies around the shrine when they revived you?

Unfortunately, as shown in the screenshot, the Revive shrine was 100+ meters away and I did not have line of sight to it, so I am not sure if there were any enemies at that location.

I can say I never actually moved from the spot I died and after the Revive shrine was used, I was not able to move at all. I hope this is helpful.

It happened 5 times to me between yesteday and today.
My teamates had to go to find another shrine

Thanks for letting us know! I got it logged!

Hello Micha.
Sorry to quote you, but I want to make sure you read this.
I’ve found that sometimes the shrine fails and doesn’t revive the player but is spent when using it. If you go to another shrine, the message “no allies to revive” will appear and will not spend, but will revive the player.

Oh interesting! I’ll get it in so we can take a look! Thank you! Would you possibly happen to know a bit more, by chance? Like how often has it occurred if you know? To you or others! If not, it’s okay, just to be able to get as much info in as I can!

It rarely happens, but I play about 5-6 hours a day and I’ve seen it several times. It has happened to me as well as to other players.
Interestingly, it has always happened to me on open maps (so far I have not seen this bug on the ice map).
The last time was about 5 days ago.

Should just have to hold out a bit longer! Hopefully wont have it happen anymore next update!

Hi Micha!
Today it has happened twice.
Once in wasteland, dungeon level 20-30 (open map)
Again in dungeon level 20-35 in no man’s land.
Players died, we used a shrine and it didn’t work. We had to go to a second sanctuary to recover our companions.

Yeah it should be fixed with the next patch! :slight_smile: Just gotta hold out a little longer!

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