Different background environments in all of the dungeons

I really thought the implementation of different types of weather(sunny, rainy, neutral) in the outpost made it more aesthetically pleasing and engaging so that’s a big thumbs up you devs <3.I was wondering if you could apply them to the other dungeons that have a sky like the Bino Den. I would be cool to see lightning storms, fogs, night time/day time, snow, meteors, etc. basically a myriad of background environments whenever you enter the same dungeon. This isn’t only limited to the dungeons with sky of course but also the ones without one like the Void/Siphon or Incursions/Crashsites. I think this would really keep players from getting bored. Because the first time I saw the sunny weather in outpost after the jade pass I was hooked. This takes away some of the mundaneness that happens when grinding, and that is undoubtedly a feature in MMOs.