Different Noises For Rarity NFT's

Problem you’re trying to solve
The problem i’m trying to solve is making it more transparent when someone loots AN NFT WHAT i mean by this is make the text larger for party members and the noises FOR each rarity should have different noises so that it spices the game up a little. When you hear that legendary bell go off you know its what’s up you know?

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
I feel like i miss half the NFT’s i help bring into the game haha. I say this because the text is little and sometimes miss it lol.


Different tones for different rarities would be cool


Was wondering what if the player who is selected to be rewarded doesn’t see the NFT LOOTED announcement in the beginning but in the end. All team members should listen to the NFT music and pray “me-me-me”. The NFT should fly and go to the chosen player. In short, the same mechanism how the artifacts fly and go to their chosen player.
Reason: the “NFT LOOTED” message comes too abruptly and I already know that I won it. No need to get excited if it low rarity. My eyes look for the color of the NFT and they already know where to look at. The suspense time is very short. While the artifact mechanism has a longer period of suspense.

agreed, legendaries and epics should feel verrrryyy special. Maybe increase the length of the sound by rarity.


Hey @EverythingButDrama, thanks for the feedback! I logged this in for the team to discuss!

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