Dissapointed or just small oppinions

First I want to tell you that I was very excited when I hear first time about BigTime . Thats why I bought few spaces at the first sale. Even if at that time BigTime announced that there will be the only one space sell. Next will be after years. Was not like promise…Few months after you did the second space sell. Belive me…was to fair. But I understand…time is changing, economy also…they need more investors for developing. I haven t luck to get a Gold pass, just a Silver and I was also very excited when I started to play. Anyway…time gone, I did many friends and day by day I saw that the NFT drop rate is more and more inechitable. It is impossible to play 10-14 hours day by day, only in parties, only colaborating and to not have any Legendary NFT. Just an Epic. I told myself…,probably this is the droping rate. Bt now, making more and more friends I saw they have 10-20 maybe more legendary, 50 epics and hundreds of rare and uncommon. Sorry, I really don t want to upset anybody, but that random algorithm is a disaster. All ppl paid the same amount on those passes. And what I tell you now are not stories. I have 2 friends , they starded with Ruby as space holders and they already have 2, 3 legendary and few epics. But there are inechitable drops between the same pass holders…the differences are huges.
In other point of view I am dissapointed about your changes. First you announced that the space sell will be just one time. The seccond will be after years. After that I bought from marketplace mistery boxes. Now you want to sell other mistery boxes to make other money. In my oppinion every new game rewarded the early investors. And you know that . But please don t profit about the case that ppl are buying just because they want to be early and then you come with new and new things, making old things lose their value. Changing game rules during play is not fair. I saw big and trusted names in project and I really hope I am wrong and you will find the best ways to make this project echitable and transparent.
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Hello. Thank you for your answer. I didn t talk so much about spaces, just the ideea that at first sale they announced that will be the only one for few years and after 3 months they announced the seccond sale. I was wondering about new mistery boxes, The old mistery boxes that we bought from Binance or Marketpace will loose much more the value and and there is not necesary to launch other blind misteryboxes and promise you have a chance, not guarantee about exhalted box. Why they not sell the new MB like spaces, with rarity knowed, who want exhalted buy exhalted, and so on. In my oppinion this new sale is for rise more funds in game but they don t have any economy well exposed to us. In few months they will launch other and other things and we will just suport financial the project development, without knowing any about game economy. After we invest many K$ in spaces, MB, and other stuff we could have the bad surprise that the randament is very low. Big Time team should write a complete whitepaper before launch spaces and MB and other things. Other way they can change rules as they did it already.
Wish you all the best

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i was gonna write the same!silver passes got rekt by ruby!i play 12 hours a day to only get about 6 epics…and in the last 2 weeks i saw so many legendaries drop to ruby pass that makes my stomach sick!ruby fucks the floor as its free money for them…most golden passes stoped playing now they tryin to make silver give up too…there is no rng here just drops to ruby for promotion!free money for people who didnt pay a dime…fuck ruby!

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OMG…I 100 % agree with you. I have a good friend, work coleague. I promoted BT to him and he got a ruby. He started to play, I helped him a lot with infos and items. We play in the same office…So I know everything he do. He already have 2 leg and 4 epics and 7, 8 rare. This is not a story…I can see that straight with my eyes.

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I know…yesterday i played for 13 hours to got only 2 frgaments when epics and rare were droping everywhere to ruby…a legendary hand dropped on no mans land to ruby and the floor price felt immediately…its free money for them…most will not stay in the game and make the value we put in this game with our MONEY!early onvestors fuckd confirmed!