Do NFTs drop when you are 10+ level higher than the dungeon?

Per title I know that the Big Time team doesn’t want to disclose too much information on NFT drops and that’s understandable but this is a question that has been irking me for some time and I need some confirmation from the team or at least some players here.

But do NFTs drop at a lower, same, or zero rate at all when you are 10+ levels higher than the max level recommendation for a dungeon? For example you are a level 45 and you are planning to do a dungeon that’s 15-25. I’ve tried this out a few times and I haven’t had any success but it could all be a coincidence. I know for sure the reverse is true that is if you are lower level than the minimum you can still get an NFT.

I know you can still get an NFT if you are just a few levels higher than the maximum but when exactly is the cut off? Because it would make sense to penalize NFT drop rates if you are a level 40 that’s farming 1-10 dungeons for NFTs all day because that wouldn’t be fair to the players who are playing in those areas. Please let me know


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been talked about multiple times by the devs… if you are over leveled your nft drops will be nerfed